2019 - A Healthy Obsession


2018 will always be special for A Healthy Obsession as it's the year we officially launched things.  Although 2018 was the kick off , the AHO crew has been cultivating this obsession as a lifestyle for many years.  2018 was the year it manifested itself and the itch to put our ideas down in front of the world came to be.  All things we love encompassing football from art, fashion, music and of course supporter culture.

2019 will see us bringing even more of that passion to the table - with interviews from various supporter groups, “away day” pieces as we visit different stadiums and football events, in depth interviews with players, various street art and music we dig, and of course more threads from the AHO clothing line.

As popularity of soccer in the U.S grows, we will cover some of the stories and cultural pieces that maybe slip under the radar or ones we feel deserve more light shining on them - as many people across the country are working on some cool stuff revolving around football.  We're also an open book so any ideas for cool bits we might miss, we'd love to hear about them.

To everyone that supported us in 2018 thank you.  That was the year of birth for AHO and now we will use our passion as the fire to bring the best parts of football culture to the masses.  Here's to another great year of footy in 2019.  

Adam Thelwell, Founder

Grace Stufkosky