Phoenix, Boots, and Soccer Culture with Kevon Lambert


As far as Phoenix Rising FC fan favorites go, it’s safe to say that Kevon Lambert is certainly one of them. Always one of the first to thank supporters after a match and the last to leave the pitch, Kevon has been fully embraced by the soccer community here in Phoenix. In the midst of a busy training and preseason schedule, the Rising and Jamaica National Team midfielder sat down with us for a quick chat about living in the southwest, the team, and his expectations for the upcoming season.

Now that you’re starting your second full season with Phoenix Rising FC, how has living in Phoenix been for you?

I think Phoenix is a really nice place to live. The city and Arizona on a whole is a bit different from other cities, which is why I like it even more. The weather is pretty nice, the food is great and there are a lot of fun things to do. 

What do you make of soccer culture in Phoenix?

Soccer culture in Phoenix has come a far way. I’ve heard that a few years ago, soccer wasn’t even popular here and to see where it is right now has showed me that The Beautiful Game can bring a whole city together. 


From a cultural aspect, are there things that you’re missing here in Phoenix?

I wish Phoenix had more Caribbean spots to chill, hangout, grab some food and to even meet more people from the Islands. 

What were some of the highlights of the 18/19 season for you?

Some of my highlights from the 2018 season were to win the Western Conference Championship and go to the USL Cup Finals with my teammates, being able to play with and learn from The Legend, Didier Drogba and also to share the pitch with him for his last ever professional game. 

Speaking of Didier, do you keep in touch with him?

Oh yeah, we have a group and we all keep in touch regularly.


Who is in charge of the music in the dressing room?

Whoever gets in first and connects to the boombox, lol. If not, then it’s Amadou. 

Who is the sharpest dresser on the team?

Kevon Lambert. I’m gonna have to take that one, haha.

What music are you currently listening to?

I listen to mostly Dancehall/Reggae music and Hip Hop/Rap. 


If you could play along side any player in history, who would it be? 

I’ve played with a few already and there are a lot that I wish I could play with, but I’ll go with Cristiano Ronaldo. 

What are your favorite boots you've played in?

My favorite boots are Nike Mercurial. The one I made my debut in for the Jamaica National Team and the one my mom bought me like 7 years ago with my name inscribed on it were really special to me. Both were Nike Mercurials. I’ve been playing in Nike Mercurials since I was a kid. 


Who's your football idol?

Paul Pogba 

You get to pick one jersey from soccer history to play in forever, which is it?

The one Paul Pogba won the World Cup in. 


What are your expectations for the 2018/19 season?

My expectations for the 2019 season are to win the USL Championship and a few more trophies. Individually, I expect to improve as a player and even as a person on a whole.