The second time I fell in love with football it felt more sincere.  

I've been in love with football as far back as I can remember.  The sing songs, pubs, smells and noises and the pure chaos of a last minute winning goal.  Everything about the game has infatuated me.  

Growing up in Manchester, I was always around football. It was a part of my everyday life - whether watching or playing. But then I hit a turning point.

In 2004, I woke up on life support after a bad a car accident that I was lucky to survive. I couldn't play football for 2 years.  

Not surprisingly,  I was rather frustrated and restless while recovering - I needed to find a way to feed my obsession with football and the calling for something more.

I dove into books and documentaries about football history and began exploring the culture associated with it around the world.  The music, fashion, art, and politics.  It was a new world of information that blew me away.

Whilst always having been in love with the sporting piece of football, it was this second love of the culture surrounding it that would blossom in years to come.  A new, healthy obsession.

Fast forward to living in the desert in Arizona and the US soccer scene still felt like somewhat of a blank canvas - even though the culture here has grown immensely, there was and still is a newness to it all. 

Through our own street sessions in Phoenix we've built a massive soccer community and thriving culture now spanning across 6 states.  With this, I've connected personally with so many individuals from different backgrounds who share a similar obsession for the game. And so many of them, like me, want so much more from it. 

The aim with our apparel is to make a high quality product in a minimalist and simple style for people who have an obsession for the beautiful game.

From the alleyways, rooftops, pitches, and courts - join us in this movement. #ahealthyobsession

Adam Thelwell
Founder, A Healthy Obsession